Raksha Bhandhan 2018|Raksha Bandhan images

Raksha Bandhan 2018|Raksha Bandhan images

Raksha Bandhan is the famous festival of India where the Brothers & Sisters both indulge and shows respect, love, and importance to each other and brings both under one roof once a year, the festival is known as Rakhi. It falls on Purnima or full moon day in the month of Shravan according to the Indian calendar and celebrated all over India.

On this special occasion sisters generally, buy rakhi or some they make themselves for their brothers. They dress up traditionally in morning, prepares the pooja thali with some stuff called Deepak, thali, roli, chawal, sweets, and rakhi. The festival is the symbol of love, care, duty, and protection for the sister. Many of the sisters, who live at a long distance from their brothers, send rakhi by post, draft.

 How is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?

 Raksha Bhandhan 2018|Raksha Bandhan images

How Raksha Bandhan is celebrated?

  • Firstly the sister ties a thread known as Rakhi on the wrist of his brother and marks a tilak on his forehead.
  • The sisters greet afterward by offering some sweets, ladoo, chocolates.
  • The sister prays for the well being, good health, long life, prosperity and wealth for their brothers.
  • Sisters get some gifts, commitments, surprises and unconditional protection forever in return.

Every member of the family participates at that moment.


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 Why is Raksha Bandhan celebrated? (History of Raksha Bandhan)

One of the famous stories for Raksha Bandhan is of Krishna and Draupadi. Once, Krishna’s finger cut during the fight with shisupal. Then Draupadi immediately tore a piece of her sari and wrapped on Krishna’s finger and due to this sister loving act Krishna felt in debt and promised to rescue her from any difficulty.

So, when Draupadi needed cloth during “Cheerharan” she prays to Lord Krishna to save her from that shameful activity. Then Krishna came and give her unlimited sari. This is the history and story of why Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated in India every year.

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                                                  Raksha Bhandhan 2018|Raksha Bandhan images


                                                     Raksha Bhandhan 2018|Raksha Bandhan images

                                           Raksha Bhandhan 2018|Raksha Bandhan images



                                                     Raksha Bhandhan 2018|Raksha Bandhan images
                                                    Raksha Bhandhan 2018|Raksha Bandhan images

Sunday, 26 August

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