How to become independent and self-employed at teenage?

How to become independent and self-employed at teenage?


In today’s world, everyone wants to be independent and to become independent you will require a job or some kind of business to live your life as you always wanted but you will get success and fame if you are passionate about the particular work and if you’re not and just wanted to make money then you might not get success. There are many ways to make yourself self-employed out of which some are listed here:

1. Start your blog

How to become independent and self-employed at teenage?

If you are good at writing on various topics or you know about something, you can share your knowledge and thoughts via the blog to a very very big audience. You don’t even know how big is the internet but yes if you will work by heart without any burden will give you the far better result. After this when you get a large audience and they love your blogs, articles, thoughts, then monetize your website with Google Adsense and its alternatives. Although you have other option if you don’t want to show the ads on your website and Affiliate Marketing is the option from which you can earn a good revenue.

If you want to start this and don’t have enough budget you can register at different platforms which offer free Web Hosting with the free domain name and one of those are

2. Youtuber

How to become independent and self-employed at teenage?

As I have mentioned above, if you have some knowledge, tricks, magic, cooking skills, your Daily life Vlogs, Art n Craft, Designer, Teacher, anything you can share with your audience. Youtube is an amazing platform to show your skills to the worldwide users. It depends on your content to rank you, now coming to the content should be unique i.e. different videos from the other creators will result in you more Subscribers. It will make you a public figure.

You can turn on monetization by Google Adsense and the main source of income to the various creators is generated through promotions.

2. Social Media Influencer

How to become independent and self-employed at teenage?

This is a market-based business run by various Brands in almost every category, the Brands select the famous people or the peoples with more followers, celebrities, public figures and individuals with more audience from Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. The Brands pay them to promote their products, services. They are paid as per their followers, how big is their audience and they’ll pay as per post.

You need to focus on your posts, pictures, status, regular active, always responsive to the audience and quality pictures that your audience wants to see will automatically increase the followers.

3. Drop Shipping

How to become independent and self-employed at teenage?

Drop shipping is the best way to earn a revenue and easily, it is the only easiest method to attain in this article. I will explain the simple process of drop shipping in detail:

.As you can see in the image above first you(drop shipper) have to make an order of stuff that is on sale at 5bucks.

.Then the order reaches you and lists the same order to your website, sales page, etc. for 10 dollars.

.Wait for someone to order the stuff and after getting order ship that and simply you’ll earn 5 dollars extra. That’s how drop shipping is done. It’s the actual job, a lot of peoples are doing at present and making good amount every single day.

These were some methods of being independent and self-employed.


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